Atul Jalan

Currently, I am founder-CEO of Manthan but what I am, permanently, is an entrepreneur. Manthan is my fourth successful technology venture and as CEO, my mission is to convert my entrepreneurial spirit and energy into creativity at work – a spirit that has seen Manthan create pioneering AI solutions for consumer connect industries worldwide. Today, several analytics-driven Fortune 500 companies derive their edge from Manthan.

This is also what led to the invention recently of Maya – the world’s first conversational agent for business analytics. Powered by AI, Maya has transformed how the world’s biggest retailers and consumer connect businesses use advanced analytics.

There is no subject I don’t love – aero-modelling, astronomy, quantum physics, Richard Feynman, Johannes Vermeer, quadcopters, the movie that released last Friday – and I can be equally loquacious about each of them. And if you have the time and the ear, I always have a few verses to share as well.

When not thinking software and AI, I like putting hardware together – am building a collection of cycles and the camera obscura at present.

I consider myself fairly lucky. For technology is what I love and technology is what I do. Science and technology have been my first and I fear, my everlasting love.

I like to look at how technology is transforming man and the institutions he has created; changing how we do things, reshaping us as humans. And this is the perspective on technology that I usually speak and write about – not as an application of science but as a way of life.

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Day 3
Nov 16, 2019
End of Mystery
2:30 pm - 3:15 pm