Jon Duschinsky

Jon Duschinsky, founder of Oreka Solutions and global changemaker.

He is a social innovator, executive coach, speaker, and corporate cage-rattler who rewrites intraorganizational narratives by tearing down the well-worn story of profits over people.

Jon is also walking the talk as founder of several companies in North America and Europe, including his most recent project: Oreka Solutions a Canadian firm revolutionising agriculture through insects.

As a serial entrepreneur, Jon constantly pushes his own limits and loves to stand at the cutting edge of innovation, not asking “why” but “why not”. Through Oreka Solutions, Jon is a pioneer in the burgeoning field of insect-based feed, creating an industry out of nothing. “Oreka” is a Basque word meaning “balance” or “equilibrium”, and Oreka Solutions is rooted at the intersection of purpose, employees’ and customers’ values, the needs of the planet, technological innovation, big data and, of course…profit!

Jon has a unique double culture. The first ten years of his career were spent on the frontline of social change, dodging bombs in revolutions, helping create global movements like the Ice Bucket Challenge, developing the ideas and strategies that raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cancer, Alzheimer’s and more.

For the last decade he has been on the cutting edge of applying the purpose and meaning from the world of social change to business, helping global firms such as FIFA, NASCAR and Sodexo build brand value, grow their revenues, attract more loyal customers and increase the productivity of their workforces through purpose.

Voted second only to Bill Clinton in a poll of powerful global communicators, Jon has shared stages with the likes of Gorbachev, Kofi Annan, and Steve Wozniak. He moves audiences to tears and lifts them to their feet with his passionate and high energy speaking style.

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Day 2
Nov 15, 2019
Making money and doing good – the next new frontier of business
3:45 pm - 4:45 pm